Importance of breakfast and after school clubs

Breakfast, after school and holiday clubs are integral to daily life in a growing number of schools around the country.

Breakfast clubs, after school and holiday clubs are offered by an increasing number of schools across the UK. These clubs vary in nature, but are integral to some schools’ daily lives. The importance of breakfast clubs and after school clubs include:

Wider curriculum

After school and breakfast clubs provide the opportunity for children to continue learning. The chance to learn skills and topics which are not part of the core curriculum gives the children wider exposure to new knowledge. Specialist skills such as coding and website design have started to enter the classroom, with the addition of ‘Technocamps’: a group run by coding specialists to teach the younger generation new world skills.

Helps working parents

Another giant advantage to extending the school day is the benefit it provides to working parents. With many parents in full time work, the ability to offer wraparound care makes it easier for parents to adjust their working schedules. The advantage of knowing their child is already at the school versus at a childminder’s provides added reassurance. The popularity of these clubs highlights the tightrope working parents are walking upon.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

The provision of a healthy breakfast before school has been known to boost children’s learning and reduce tiredness levels throughout the day; something often missed in the mad morning rush. Attending breakfast clubs ensures that each child receives a healthy, balanced breakfast before starting the school day. Properly fuelling pupils for the busy day ahead is a key factor in the importance of breakfast clubs.

Make extended day administration easier

We understand the time and effort involved in coordinating wraparound care clubs. With so many individual tasks to complete, such as chasing payment, taking registers and storing allergy information – it’s no wonder that staff find the whole process lengthy and sometimes difficult.

Our Extended Day module makes it easier to administer, saving time and effort for teachers.

Parents can book their preferred clubs online, make a direct payment and view their child’s attendance history.

For schools, the software also identifies if parents owe amounts, and will create reminder letters. The register can be quickly taken by collecting the names of pupils whose parents booked an online place. Overall, the entire process of managing clubs is simplified and streamlined.

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