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Helping Multi Academy Trusts to manage payments and admin

Centralised admin system to eradicate cash-handling, paper forms and manual record keeping. Improve your MAT’s efficiency with our administration and online payment system. It’s quick to implement and easy to use.

Modules to support your schools

This easy-to-use system will handle bookings and payments. Plus the integrated communications tool will make debt chasing much easier. The system also handles trips management and parents’ evening bookings.

Whatever software your schools need to run efficiently, our modules will support individual schools as well as your central team.

How we can help your MAT

Online payments with low transaction rate and no monthly fees, FCA approved.

You decide on the scale of implementation. Each school can select the modules that suit them, and we can generate one invoice for the whole trust.

Hiring out unused facilities needn’t be a headache to organise. Our Lettings module does all the hard work for schools. Whilst our Stock Control module makes selling items such as uniforms, PE kit, revision guides, etc., much easier to manage.

Centralised access and reporting

Using a centralised system, you can see your schools’ income, spending and outstanding parent debt.

Staff can have centralised access to individual sites, so both school staff and central teams can monitor and work if needed.

MAT reporting functionality enables your central finance office to run reports across the trust.

Finance summary reports can be produced and exported to drop into your finance system, including nominal codes. A file can be produced to upload nominal codes.

Make it easy for parents

Give your parents multiple ways to book and pay, both online, and via our free SCOPAY app.

Parents can order meals, pay for trips, book their children onto clubs, or secure a parents’ evening appointment. 

Free SCOPAY app for parents

SCOPAY app Extended Day showing credit

Give your parents the added convenience of booking and paying for trips, clubs, dinners, or topping up cafeteria balances with our free SCOPAY app.

Parents can also set up alerts for many events, e.g. low dinner balance – either in-app or by email.

Getting you set up

To get your central and individual schools’ admin teams up and running quickly, you will be assigned a trainer who will firstly chat with you about your procedures and then tailor each one-to-one training session accordingly.

Ongoing support

Once you are up and running, that’s just the start of your journey with Tucasi.

People are at the heart of Tucasi, so you can be sure that when you need help, you can pick up the phone and talk to a human to get your issue fixed. On average, our Customer Support Team resolve 95% of technical issues on the first call.

Plus, whenever you need it, we offer refresher training or tailored sessions for all your staff, including new recruits.

See how user-friendly our software is to manage your payments and admin efficiently.

One of our product experts will show you the system and our parent facing app in a live demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

There’s no obligation and you can ask us anything.

For parents: see link

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