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Working with school caterers

Managing a school catering service for multiple sites, can be a logistical headache. Our software will help you to streamline your admin and online payments processes.

Improve your efficiency with our administration and online payment system. It’s quick to implement and easy to use.

Modules to support school caterers

Our online payment system links to all major cashless catering solutions for schools and colleges. Whilst for primary schools, you can set up menu cycles and upload meal images. Parents can then pre-order and pay through our SCOPAY app. Whatever software you need to run your service efficiently, our modular system will support individual schools as well as your central team.

Reduce your admin time

Whether managing payments for dinners or cafeteria balances, our online payments module has a low transaction rate and no monthly fees. All modules are fully integrated, so sending personalised emails to parents is done in a few clicks.

Dedicated catering portal

For caterers managing multiple sites, this makes processing refunds simple and eliminates human error.

With our portal, refunds are  processed quickly and correctly as it’s impossible to refund a negative balance. Parents request refunds directly, taking the school out of the equation. There is a full audit trail, and automated confirmation emails are sent to parents. 

The catering portal is a great way to organise refunds for parents and have an overview of account balances.

Case study

See how we worked with Impact Foods Group on the development of our caterers management portal.

Free SCOPAY app for parents

SCOPAY app DInner Money section

Give your parents the added convenience pre-ordering dinners and paying, or topping up their child’s cashless catering balance with our free SCOPAY app.

Parents can also set up alerts for reminder messages, e.g. low dinner balance – either in app or by email.

Minimise parent debt

To help reduce debt, you can opt to only accept orders when the account is in credit. Also, parents can set up low balance alerts.

The easy reporting functionality reduces time spent checking and chasing outstanding payments. Should you need to contact parents for missed payments or send reminders, our Communications module works seamlessly and messages can be sent in a few clicks.


Report templates to help your team, including producing catering returns and kitchen reports.

Getting you set up

To get your central and individual school’s admin team up and running quickly, you will be assigned a trainer who will firstly chat with you about your procedures and then tailor each one-to-one training session accordingly.

Ongoing support

Once you are up and running, that’s just the start of your journey with Tucasi.

People are at the heart of Tucasi, so you can be sure that when you need help, you can pick up the phone and talk to a human to get your issue fixed. On average, our Customer Support Team resolve 95% of technical issues on the first call.

Plus, whenever you need it, we offer refresher training or tailored sessions available for all your staff, including new recruits.

Classroom Edition

Classroom Edition

With this option, kitchen staff can access all pre-orders to confirm or amend. Plus, facility to add in meal choices for any pupils without a pre-ordered meal. All accessed via a web browser, no additional software required.

Classroom Edition lets catering staff confirm or amend a pupil's meal choice

See how user-friendly our software is to manage your payments and admin efficiently.

One of our product experts will show you the system and our parent facing app in a live demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

There’s no obligation and you can ask us anything.

For parents: see link

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