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More than just an online payments system for schools.

A flexible package of modules, designed to help you reduce admin and process payments quickly and securely.

With our low transaction rate, weekly BACs payments and flexible banking options, you can easily set up nominal codes, and automate many finance tasks that can take up so much of your time. 

What can the Online Payments system do?

Whichever modules you select, they all integrate with Online Payments. Collect payments for school meals or cashless catering system. Take bookings and payments for school clubs, trips, wraparound care. Plus, you can sell uniform, PE kit and other school necessities.

Parents easily select items, view and amend their basket, then check out.

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Reduce your admin time

Collect online payments for any of our modules including school meals, wraparound care, trips, activities and uniforms.

Seamless integration with your MIS and cashless catering system. Payments can also be made to third party bank accounts, for example to your external caterer.

Everything is in one place, so whatever parents need to pay for, nominal codes makes reconciliation quick and easy. In addition, if you use the Lettings module, hirers can also pay their invoice through SCOPAY.

Make it easy for parents

Give your parents multiple ways to pay, either online or via our free SCOPAY app.

Aside from card payments, parents can also pay by Google Pay and ApplePay; schools can opt to switch on Paypoint too.

For simplicity, if your school uses our Parents’ Evening  module, appointment booking is also accessed through SCOPAY.

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Free SCOPAY app for parents

Parents can book trips, clubs, dinners and make payments with our free SCOPAY app.

Parents can also set up alerts for reminder messages, e.g. low dinner balance – either in app or by email.

Lots of reporting functionality

Whatever information you need, we have a report template to help you, providing everything you need to monitor and analyse your financial data.

Reduce late payments

You can set it to only accept meals and session orders online if the parent has a positive balance.

However, every school encounters late-payments from parents; unfortunately for administrators, debt chasing is not a nice job and can be very time-consuming, our Communications module will help. It fully integrates with other modules, so you can send personalised emails to parents in a few clicks.

We save so much time by not having to count cash and make frequent trips to the bank.

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If you’re looking to join Tucasi or would like a new module, we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 02380 016 563 or submit a form below to receive a call back.

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