Running your online school shop

Setting up and managing your school’s online shop is easier than you think. School uniforms, PE kits, backpacks and revision guides are all essential items.

Let us show you how the system works.

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What can the Stock Control module do?

You can set stock levels and prices for each product. If a product is temporarily unavailable, either an open order is created, or you can set the system to automatically decline the order.

Making school shop admin easier

Easily manage your stock levels and prices.

Set filters to only show parents relevant items. For example, parents only see the correct-coloured PE kits for their child’s house, or that revision guides are only shown for pupils in years 10 and 11, and so on.

Should an item be temporarily unavailable, you can choose to allow parents to still make a purchase, and an open order will be created. Alternatively, you can opt to automatically decline orders when the item’s stock limit is reached and won’t be replenished, such as for ticket sales. 

The Stock Control module is fully integrated with our Online Payments module, making payments quick and secure. You can also email parents when stock becomes available, using our Communications module.

Preloved uniform shop

Another avenue many schools are exploring, in light of the current economic climate, is setting up a preloved uniform shop.

School bag, stationery and uniform from an online school shop

Make it easy for parents

Parents can view items on your online shop, place their order and pay at their convenience, through their SCOPAY account.

SCOPAY app buy revision guide IN CIRCLE


CASE STUDY: See how we helped Spalding High School to set up a preloved uniform shop.

Free SCOPAY app for parents!

Parents can book trips, clubs, dinners and make payments with our free SCOPAY app.

Give your parents access to their own mobile dashboard, where they can see balances, make payments, and even view calendars, right from their phones.

Parents can also set up alerts for reminder messages, e.g. low dinner balance, by email.

Some of our school customers

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