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Why texts are vital to your school's communication strategy

Messages do not get sent through SCOPAY, which means you don’t have to ensure every parent has an account, all text messages are delivered directly to the parents’ phone.

  • Save money: low cost packages available to suit you.
  • Links with your MIS: updates automatically, alerts for any incorrect numbers (too short or a landline). 
  • Flexible: you can set up templates, send one-off messages and schedule messages to go out later.
  • History log: check to see what has been sent, highlights any errors where texts were sent.
  • Data management: account contact report to check parent’s contact details and when it was last updated.
  • School closed unexpectedly: use our website to send messages remotely. You can also send emergency text messages e.g. contact all parents regarding a trip if the coach will be late.
  • Send emergency texts: even if you do not have enough text credits.
  • Pre-set templates: text parents of pupils with unexplained absences.
  • Integrates with our modules: text messages can be used to contact parents, for example, texts regarding their dinner balance, any payments due for a trip etc.

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