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We helped to set up an online shop to sell nearly new uniforms

With our help, Spalding High School could set up an online shop to sell pre-loved school uniforms including PE kits.

The problem

With energy and fuel prices rising, the school needed to explore every avenue to help families in any way they could during this challenging time.

Purchasing school uniform can be expensive. Especially when you consider it includes PE kits as well as everyday wear, especially as children grow so quickly!

To help families, Spalding High School wanted to set up an online shop to sell nearly new uniforms and reduce the amount of cash handled onsite.

Furthermore, they also wanted to manage their school trips, concerts, bookings and sales of tickets online.

How we helped

Ginny Adams worked closely with the school to set up their online shop. She demonstrated how to set up filters, as the PE kits are colour coded for each school house. These filters then enable parents to only see the relevant stock for their child(ren)’s house.

Karen also spent the day at Spalding High School to provide training, which was invaluable to the team. During this training session, they also discussed how to get the most out of the online payment system. Karen explained how to create refunds quickly and easily.

The result

Following the training, the team are now much more confident in using the Trips and Events module and managing the online shop.

The online shop is a great way to support pupils whilst moving away from handling cash and cheques. Uploading items is a quick and easy process. Once orders are received, they are packed up for the pupils, and if the items do not fit, refunds are easily generated. Selling via the SCOPAY system has proved very popular with parents and our stock does not stay around for long.

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