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Straits Primary School

How both staff and parents benefited from great improvements in the school's payments and booking processes for wraparound care, clubs and trips.

Case study: Straits Primary School

Straits Primary School had been using another cashless system for around 15 years, but found it very long-winded and archaic for both parents and the school admin team to use.

I looked at a few systems before choosing Tucasi and I spent a morning at a nearby school that has Tucasi/SCOPAY and I was sold! I have no regrets in choosing Tucasi - so many thanks for the service you provide and please keep up the good work!
Karen Ludlam
School Business Manager, Straits Primary School

Revolutionising bookings and payments with the SCOPAY app

Since switching to SCO, their processes have improved significantly. Payments show instantly, and the school can easily create refunds and move payments if a parent makes a mistake. Financial reports are easy to download and very useful.

The biggest improvement is the booking process for their wraparound care sessions. Parents can now book as far in advance as they wish. Also, configuring the system to only allow bookings with payment up front has saved many hours of debt-chasing.

Parents love the SCOPAY app and find it really easy to use. Plus, they appreciate now having the option to pay in instalments for higher cost trips and residentials.

Parent booking Breakfast Club on SCOPAY app

Making life easier for school staff

The support Tucasi offer is amazing. There is always a friendly voice at the end of the phoneline who is happy to help. I’m sure I was a pest at first, with loads of questions, but I was never made to feel a nuisance. I now find most of the answers I need from your brilliant guides, but I know you are there if I need extra support - even in the holidays!!
Karen Ludlam
School Business Manager, Straits Primary School

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