How to arrange school breakfast club activities

How to arrange school breakfast club activities

Schools can play a pivotal role in providing childcare. Tucasi’s Extended Day module takes centre stage

Schools can play a pivotal role in providing childcare. Tucasi’s Extended Day module takes centre stage, revolutionising the way schools manage and offer breakfast clubs, after school clubs, and holiday care clubs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of Tucasi’s Extended Day module and how it empowers schools to provide enriching experiences beyond the classroom.

1. Enriching after-school experiences:

Education extends beyond textbooks. Tucasi’s Extended Day module offers schools the tools to provide a diverse range of wraparound care. Pupils can build camaraderie in a safe and structured environment.

2. Simplified registration and booking

Managing registrations and bookings for wraparound care can be a logistical challenge. Tucasi simplifies this process, allowing parents to register and book activities online. From confirming availability to securing a spot for their child, parents can navigate the process with ease and convenience, through our parent-facing app SCOPAY.

3. Real-time attendance tracking:

Accurate attendance tracking is crucial for pupil safety and efficient administration. Tucasi’s Extended Day module offers real-time attendance tracking, enabling schools to know who is present and accounted for during after-school hours. This transparency enhances pupil safety and provides peace of mind to parents.

4. Billing and payment integration:

Managing fees for wraparound care shouldn’t be a headache. Tucasi’s Extended Day module seamlessly integrates billing and payment functionalities. Parents can book and pay online, and schools can ensure that financial aspects are managed smoothly, enhancing transparency and accountability. This module also enables schools to manage bookings and take payments for non-pupils, making it an ideal solution for holiday care clubs and pre-schools. Additionally, schools can easily handle Child Care Vouchers, adding convenience for parents. SCOPAY, our parent-facing app, further facilitates this process by providing parents a secure and convenient platform for managing payments, ensuring a seamless financial experience for all parties involved.

SCOPAY app Extended Day showing credit

5. Fuelling success for all pupils:

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. Tucasi’s Extended Day module empowers schools to host Breakfast Clubs that provide children with a nutritious start. These clubs not only combat hunger but also support concentration and behaviour in class. With rising household food insecurity, Breakfast Clubs play a vital role in ensuring all children get a healthy meal, fostering a positive learning environment.

Conclusion: enriching pupil journeys beyond the bell

Schools play a pivotal role in providing childcare, and Tucasi’s Extended Day module recognises this. By providing schools with tools to manage wraparound care efficiently, it paves the way for schools to offer safe, affordable childcare. Elevate your school’s commitment to extending the school day with Tucasi and offer pupils an enriching journey beyond the classroom.

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