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We want you to know "We’re here to HELP
As you know, we take support very seriously at Tucasi and are committed to providing our customers with an efficient and pleasant support experience, you are more than welcome to call in but we also want you to know about other ways to reach us and solve your support queries.  Hence the “HELP” project.


                       HELP - Did you know there is a "Help" button in the bottom left hand corner of each page of the SCO system which will give you appropriate help for that page and also allow you to search?


Email us - Every email sent to automatically creates a case and will be assigned to and followed up by one of our support engineers.


Look at our FAQ’s and documentation - FAQ’s can be found within the Help facility (above), and we also have Configuration Guides, Quick Reference Guides, ‘How to’ Guides and many more useful documents. These can be found by clicking the "Documentation" button in the bottom left hand corner of the SCO system.


Phone us! We have a dedicated support team who are always happy to take a call, that’s what we’re here for.
"This system has saved the Admin team so much time and it is an extremely easy to use system with tracking of payments and income at every stage."
High School in Shropshire