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Owslebury Primary School, Hampshire

We helped Owslebury Primary School to streamline their admin with smooth onboarding and ongoing support

Case study: Owslebury Primary School

See how we helped Owslebury Primary School move to an online payments system, with the smooth onboarding with Tucasi.

The problem

Owslebury Primary School is a small rural school in Hampshire. They contacted us as they were still employing a cash and cheque system for their accounts, which was no longer sustainable.

How we helped

After talking with the school admin team and discussing their needs, we provided the most appropriate suite of modules to help them to manage online payments and admin for the school.

The training

Our trainer tailored each 1:1 session to the school’s specific needs. We aim to ensure that our training sessions are really accessible and clear. Importantly, we do not rush sessions and we will answer any questions. In that way, the school admin team departs each training session with the confidence they can use the software effectively going forwards.

The support

After completing their training, the school admin team have benefitted from ongoing support.
“Whenever we have called Tucasi, we are helped efficiently by a real person who is fully knowledgeable. We are delighted with how Tucasi has transformed the accounting side of our admin and parents are very complimentary as they have control over how much money they owe and making payments.”

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