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Embed your school into the community

The ideal school-to-community relationship is found within an open sharing environment.

Funding cuts have seen schools struggle financially to continue to provide the same levels of education as before. Despite this, communities have rallied together to provide financial support. We cover three ways in which you can engage your community and increase your outreach.

Host open days

Open days, fundraisers and charity events are great ways to involve and educate the community. Much needed additional income is generated, and members of the community are encouraged to visit the premises and become familiar. Winning over locals (both parents and businesses alike) is vital to schools: especially as many school decisions affect the children and parents you interact with.  Holding a school open day can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. It doesn’t need months upon months of planning, a simple coffee morning will be just as effective.

Let out your facilities to your community

Many schools do not realise their value in the local community. Community space is limited and offering space to host local sessions at a small cost provides a double benefit. Not only do locals have a place where they can congregate for activities, but your school will also generate a cash injection.

Your space is one of your largest assets available to you as a school. There are some easy to use software systems available on the market to make letting your spaces even easier. Our Lettings module, for example, allows hirers and schools alike to book the spaces they need with minimal effort.

Speak to local businesses

Businesses are always actively looking to improve their corporate social responsibility agenda. In doing so, your school can develop a sponsor or a partner. Working in collaboration with local businesses provides access to a wealth of resources. Developing these relationships will offer huge dividends back. Across the country, schools are leaning on local business leaders to act as role models and mentors to students. This encouragement will boost your pupil’s aspirations by visualising success in the form of a mentor.

Use your website to let businesses know you are searching for partnerships, as this will encourage local businesses to get in touch. Alternatively, telephoning around could bring some fantastic results.

More information

To find out more about the Lettings module or any of the other products mentioned, please contact Terry Brown on 02380 016563 or email.