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Why your school needs online payments

Online payment systems help thousands of schools throughout the UK manage and collect money from parents for school meals, trips, activities and uniforms.

Despite the benefits of implementing an online payment system, there are still a number of schools that are reluctant to go cashless.

If your school only accepts cash or cheque, read our top 3 reasons for moving to an online payment system. 

1.   Reduces school workload

Online payment systems significantly reduce administrative workload, helping take away the hassle of sorting out money in person.  Trips, uniforms, revision resources, clubs and school lunches can all be paid for online!

2.   Makes it easier for parents to pay

Online payment systems provide parents with more options. Gone are the days of having to scramble around for loose change. Parents can now pay by debit and credit cards, manage all their payments online and even set up recurring payments. The platform can also be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

3.  Less cash in school

By managing finances online, schools no longer have to hold cash on school premises. It also puts parent's minds at ease as children no longer need to carry cash around with them. Parents can pay for everything in advance online.

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