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SCOPAY: our parent facing app

Our free SCOPAY app lets parents easily manage their child’s account. Parents can securely book and pay for school meals, clubs, trips and parents’ evening appointments.

Through our free SCOPAY app, parents can manage their child’s account easily.  

Our system is fully integrated, and SCOPAY provides a secure place for parents to make payments, bookings, order school meals and select parents’ evening appointments.  

Schools can import pre-admission pupils, meaning they can contact new parents, and get them to set up their child’s SCOPAY account ahead of new academic year.

What parents can do in the SCOPAY app

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Secure payments – collecting and handling money is simple and safe. There are multiple payments methods for parents including GooglePay and ApplePay. They can also store card details to speed up the process even further next time.

Manage their account information – password, email, billing details, payment agreements and see live balance information.

Link accounts – siblings are managed from one login, even if they attend different schools.

Multiple logins for parents – also, multiple users can be linked to each child. Therefore, in situations where parents are separated, or grandparents require logins, each user has their own, secure, login details.

Set up alerts – parents control what notifications they see and how they receive them. Users can set up email or in-app notifications for any new items available online, trip payment deadlines, low account balances, and parents’ evening meetings.

Account history – parents can check back to view their order history, payment history and receipts.

Donations & Gift Aid – streamline your fundraising efforts and enable parents to donate with a variety of payment methods, through their SCOPAY account.

Depending on your school’s configuration of the modules, parents can also manage:

Cashless catering – view their current balance, top-up and also see a transaction history.

School meals – view the dinner calendar, preorder and pay for lunches.

Bookings – view the school’s club calendar and book club sessions, trips and parents’ evening appointments.

School trips – book onto a trip (even if it is free), or other enrichment clubs, complete any form, give consent and then pay. This means no more paper forms to get lost. Plus, parents can import trips to their mobile calendars.

Breakfast and after school clubs – book and pay for wraparound care.

Parents’ evening – view calendar, then book or amend their timeslot in real time.

School shop – purchase school items, such as unform, kit, stationery, revision guides, etc.

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