Are you looking forward to the GASBM Conference at Cheltenham Racecourse on Friday 28th June? We are. Come along an… https://t.co/i4p5YnJYOS

Attending the Head Teachers PA Conference tomorrow at etc.venues The Hatton, Farringdon? If you are come along and… https://t.co/xEaSDjwwtA

Happy Monday to all the fantastic teachers out there! #MondayMotivation https://t.co/snZ1vqFMA0

Giving teachers presents on the last day has become a tradition, but we want to know what presents you've received!… https://t.co/QgkynjPPZ9

She's also available for onsite training sessions too, by special request! #noadditionalchargefordogs https://t.co/AfEJ0TSxL4

If you're booked in for online training today then you might be lucky enough to get Jessie, the latest member of ou… https://t.co/whedr2dyLD

Are you attending the Dudley Association of School Business Managers Conference tomorrow? Tucasi will be there so p… https://t.co/ACWpIrIJkM

What with #SixWordHorrorStory trending this afternoon we thought we'd join in with one of our own: "Manual dinner… https://t.co/pnU3FRY00Y

@jezmck It is available as an option to add to their existing system setup. We're sending them some details.

@jezmck It turns out that they aren't using our dedicated Extended Day module which gives individual session bookin… https://t.co/rtHTr7aSVQ