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How to encourage faster school payments from parents

Every school encounters the odd overdue payment from parents - whether it’s for a school trip, dinner money top-up or after-school club. But fortunately, there are a few steps your school can take to ensure you’re being paid on time, reducing the time your school admin team spend on keeping track of overdue payments and issuing reminders.

Here are some tips to be most effective.

Introduce a cashless system

According to a report by UK Finance, just 17% of all payments in 2021 were made using cash (down from 23% in 2019). Instead, people used contactless credit and debit cards, with card payments accounting for over half of all payments.

It’s apparent people are increasingly favouring the convenience and speed of paying online, and the same applies to school payments.

By implementing an online payment system into your school, parents can make all school-related payments on the go, either via a website or mobile app. For both the school and parents, it’s the simple, quick and easy way to manage payments.

Send reminders via text or email, instead of letters

For busy, on-the-go parents, it’s quite often an honest mistake why payments are delayed, simply because the initial ‘payment required’ letter goes missing, or their child forgot to dig it out from their bag in time.

Instead, schools are turning to text messages and emails, to issue payment reminders.

Top tip: speaking to one of our schools, they found that sending payment prompters in the evening was most effective, when parents use their limited downtime to catch up on emails and complete any long overdue admin tasks - including school payments.

Sending text messages and emails to parents sounds a laborious task, but it can be much quicker and simpler by using our Communications module.

Offer a secure method of payment

Some parents are reluctant to pay online due to security concerns. To them, the traditional way of handing cash over at reception offers reassurance that their payments are being made to the right place, and on time.

To combat this, it’s important to reinforce the security features associated with the online payment system your school is using. This can be done through email communications, text messages or information on your website.

Using an online payment system that’s authorised and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, provides assurance that your parents payments are protected and secure.

Helping busy parents

Parents use their limited downtime to catch up on emails and complete any long overdue admin tasks - including school payments. Offering parents an app means they can quickly make payments and top up any outstanding balances.

Tucasi offer a free mobile app - SCOPAY. Parents can make payments, book wrap around care sessions, parents' evening appointments and order school meals.

Experience an online payments system

Tucasi’s Online Payments system will support your school’s transition to being cashless.

Discover how it could benefit your school, book a free demo with our product team by calling 02380 016 563 or email.