Manage your school's external
voice and send outbound
communications with ease
Create emails, SMS or letters, keeping everyone in the loop. Send messages in just a few minutes with our Communications module, and positively change the way your school communicates. 

Do your admin staff spend all day trying to speak to parents? Are your teachers playing voicemail ping-pong? 
Our Communications module lets your school take control of its external voice. Schools can now create, edit and send messages to stakeholders, in a few easy steps. 

Making School Life Easier

All contact details imported from MIS

Choose your preferred communication method

Text/emails sent within minutes

Set up templates or send bespoke messages

Send regular or ad-hoc communications

Low cost SMS packages
Customer Testimonials
"We can send personalised emails to tell parents how much they owe in seconds"
"The system allows us to create bespoke distribution groups so we can easily message for cancelled clubs and late running trips with a single click"
"I think Tucasi is an excellent system and the Communications Tab has transformed my life.  Among other things, I can now send out invoices for the Breakfast Club in half a dozen clicks.  I am so pleased with this."
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