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Improve engagement with your pupil's parents, send or schedule texts and emails.

Families want to be in the know about their children's education. Smartphones and tablets are make it easier than ever for schools to reach out, either by email or text.

If you're serious about reaching out via newsletters, Tucasi's Communications module is a must. It integrates with your MIS database, so you won't have to laboriously key in hundreds of recipient email addresses, and it has a template system to reduce repetitive typing.


Keep in touch with parents easily, improve the way your school communicates.

  • Less human error – integrates with your MIS, so you only add the data once. Automatic data syncing with your MIS.
  • Quick - send messages in just a few minutes.
  • Easy set up - create templates or send bespoke messages.
  • Low cost SMS packages available.
  • Connect with parents - create group emails, texts or letters.

Reduce the time you spend trying to contact every parent.

Our Communications module lets your school take control of its external voice. You can create, edit and send messages to stakeholders, in a few easy steps.

Every school administrator and teacher will have information they need to share with parents at some point.

If you want to enable fast, effective communications with parents, Tucasi's Communications module is a must. It provides a unified gateway that makes it easy to draft letters, updates and invites and then circulate them via email or SMS everyone receives the news in the format they want.

School closed unexpectedly?

No problem, you can send texts and emails quickly.

Systems are GDPR compliant, emails stored within the system, no need to BCC.


Facility to send texts are brilliant for emergencies. I was recently out on a trip and knew we were going to be late back, so I sat on the coach and sent a group text to all the parents to let them know the bus would be 20 minutes late, the system is so easy to use, it was done in minutes - it’s brilliant!

Karen Kennedy, School Business Manager at Holme Community School