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Easily manage your school online shop. School can sell uniforms, text books etc.

Little admin with big potential. Discover the world of online school shopping.

PE kits, school uniforms, backpacks and stationery - they’re all essential school items that support student learning and crucially, generate additional income for your school.

We’ve been working hard to ensure schools are well-equipped to manage school shop orders in an online environment, particularly around busier periods of the year - new school term for example. 

Helping parents

It’s not just schools that benefit! Parents can browse the online shop at their own convenience through the website or app, place an order and pay within moments. You can see how quick and easy it is below:

Seamlessly manage stock

You can easily set stock levels for each product, but if a parent purchases more than what is available, an open order will be created for the school for any outstanding items.

More so, the system can automatically decline orders if the stock limit has been reached on your products. Instead, a stock warning message can be shown to the user, as displayed below.

One sleek system

Stock Control module is fully integrated and easy to use. The module will allow schools to track the stock levels of products.

  • Streamline your process
  • Save time manually processing orders and managing stock
  • Reduce cash on-site
  • Track stock levels
  • View open orders
  • Parents can order and pay for items online, through SCOPAY
  • Allows back orders where stock is temporarily unavailable
  • Or set limits to prevent over ordering, e.g. ticket sales
  • Instant reporting and audit

When a parent purchases an item online it will be visible in SCO as an open order. Once fulfilled, it can then be marked as complete so that other admin staff know that it has been dealt with.


Setting up the online shop has so popular, and the team are now experts in managing the back office.