Stock Control

Track stock levels of products
more effectively
Easily record stock levels and allow parents to order items online through SCOPAY
The Stock Control module is fully integrated with Schools Cash Office.  The module will allow schools to track the stock levels of products more effectively, including those with a fixed limited number, such as tickets to a school production.

Parents can easily order and pay for items of uniform, revision guides and other items you sell using the SCOPAY website or even more conveniently through our mobile app.

When a parent purchases an item online it will be visible in Schools Cash Office as an open order which can then be marked as completed so that other admin staff know that it has been dealt with.
Making School Life Easier
Parents can order and pay for items online
Track stock levels and open orders
Instant reporting and audit

Holds stock levels for product items
Allows restockable items to have orders in excess of the current stock level
Prevents non-restockable items from having orders in excess of the current stock level e.g. ticket sales.
Customer Testimonials
"We love the option to request consent online as it removes a lot of paper from the front office"
"We can instantly track missed instalment deadlines for our students and send reminders out quickly"
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