Multi Academy Trusts need to centralise admin

Whatever the size, Tucasi can help MATs centralise admin, to streamline processes and reduce costs across the whole trust.

Tucasi can help MATs centralise admin and offer support as they grow. According to a report issued by the House of Commons Education Committee, over 15,000 state-funded schools will convert to academy status and become part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) over the next couple of years. How the administration will be managed is an important factor.

What impact will a MAT's continued expansion have on their admin processes?

MATs have a unique set of requirements when it comes to reporting, as collaborating across multiple sites and geographical locations can be difficult. To need to centralise their admin is paramount.

As a MAT continues to grow, so too will their administration challenges. This makes the need for tailored services and, importantly, software specifically for MATs more important than ever. Growing MATs need flexibility and consistency in reporting.

How Tucasi can help MATs centralise admin

We have been working with MATs to help them communicate and work collectively with their academies by including centralised reporting within our modular software. This removes geographical barriers, streamlines administration, in turn reducing costs and improving collaboration across the trust. See our reviews on EdTech Impact.

Our National Sales Consultant has seen the growth of Multi Academy Trusts increase over recent years; 

“I have talked to many schools, both before and after they join a Multi Academy Trust. The benefits of being part of a MAT can help implement best practices, helping them to thrive. However, administration for multiple schools can be a headache if the software is not consistent across the Trust. That is where we can help with central access and group-wide reporting”.

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