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Get the most out of parents' evening

Parents' evenings can be extremely beneficial for parents, pupils and teachers. However, they can be ineffective and frustrating when certain aspects of the process do not run smoothly.....

Here are some tips to help your school run a successful parents' evening.

Review the process

Most schools have a structure in place of how they want their sessions to run, but when was the last time you reviewed it?

Long queueing times, delayed appointments and no-shows - we've all been there! It's important for schools to review their processes each year to avoid such events occurring.

Managing the crowd

Despite the best efforts to manage time and appointments effectively, parents' evenings can be extremely busy at times. Even if you have appointments booked, slots get delayed, and parents end up waiting around with their child. To avoid complaints and disappointment, schools need to ensure that they're seeing things from a parent's point of view, which means making the process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Use your school software

On that note, one of the most effective tools is to use software specifically tailored for parents' evenings. You can set up your parents' evening in SCO.

​​​Then parents can check their appointments, revise their timetable and make any amends if needs be, without relying on their children!

Video calling option

To add more flexibility, why not offer busy parents a video call option? This feature is included in the module and parents are given a set timeslot to chat to the teacher remotely.

If your school could benefit from reviewing your current parents' evening process, see how our Parents' Evening module could help here. Call us on 02380 016 563 or email to find out more.