Parents' Evening

Automate your school's face-to-face and remote parents' evening bookings
Cut down on the number of double bookings and forgotten appointments with the Parents' Evening module. Schools can now simplify parents' evening for both teachers and parents.


Say goodbye to paper note messages and endless emails. The Parents' Evening Module lets schools harness the use of technology to manage teachers calendars. Making it easier and transparent for both teachers and parents - many schools are already  wondering how they ever got by in the past! 

Making School Life Easier

Sessions and slots configured to suit you

Import class lists from your MIS

Real time calendar updates

Parents can book/change slots online

Eliminates double bookings

Send reminder messages
Customer Testimonials
"Trying to please everyone with a first choice appointment was a nightmare - now they select their own"
"Parents can now book online without having to call and interrupt the front office"
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