Steve Parrott, MD at Tucasi

Tucasi turns 20: a fresh look for the future

As we stand at the threshold of a new era, we're excited to unveil an exciting change that will reshape the Tucasi brand

In 2024, Tucasi hits a remarkable milestone as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. Two decades of working closely with schools and Multi-Academy Trusts have been marked by continuous innovation, dedication, and a commitment to serving the education sector. Now, as we stand at the threshold of a new era, we’re excited to unveil an exciting change that will reshape the Tucasi brand.

A modern makeover

Throughout our history, Tucasi’s core product, Schools Cash Office, and our integrated parent payment app, SCOPAY, have been indispensable tools for schools and parents alike. Our goal of helping our customers manage payments and simplify school administration has inspired us to continually adapt the platform to the changing needs of the education environment.

Throughout, one thing has remained constant: the SCO system’s classic design and familiar grey palette. But times change, and we believe it’s important to evolve with them. That’s why, for the past year, our dedicated team has been working behind the scenes to give our software a fresh, modern, and contemporary design.

Out with the old, in with the new

The most noticeable change is our departure from the classic grey aesthetic. We’ve embraced a sleek and vibrant design that reflects the spirit of innovation and progress we stand for. The new design not only looks more modern but also makes the data-rich system cleaner and easier to read.

We’ve focused on improving readability by giving the elements on each screen more space to breathe. Despite these visual improvements, rest assured that the core navigation, workflows, buttons, and tools remain unchanged. Transitioning from the old to the new is seamless, ensuring that school administrators can continue to operate efficiently, without disruption.

A message from our Managing Director

Steve Parrott, Managing Director of Tucasi, shared his thoughts on this exciting transformation, saying:

"Tucasi has come a long way since its inception. Our commitment to serving the education sector has remained unwavering, and as we celebrate our 20th year, we're proud to introduce a fresh and contemporary look that aligns with our vision for the future." "We believe that design matters, and it should enhance the user experience. Our new look not only modernises our products but also underscores our dedication to providing schools, MATs, and parents with the best possible tools for school payments and administration."
Steve Parrott
Managing Director

What's next?

All new SCOPAY app is coming

This exciting change for our customers is just the beginning. Tucasi has always believed in continuous improvement and innovation. While we’ve revamped our core product, we’re already setting our sights on upgrading the parent-facing payment app, SCOPAY…but more on that soon!

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