trips and events

Trips & Events

All your trip requirements
in one place
A single streamlined system to make organising trips and events simple

The Trips and Events module gives parents and schools peace of mind. With the ability to manage consent, payment schedules and communications- every aspect of trip planning is integrated. Give your staff more time to focus on enjoying the trip experience! 
Administration teams love the ability to track payments against individual trips, events and pupils. A full audit trail included, all the information is collected in one, easy to use module. 
The system is fully integrated so you only need to enter the data once. Powerful reporting means that you
can instantly answer any question that comes to you - whether it's from a parent, a trip organiser, a pupil or
an auditor.

Our Stock Control module also fully integrates with Schools Cash Office.
Making School Life Easier
Track payments made per trip
Track pupil premium funding allocations
Instant reporting and audit

Gift Aid reporting
Reminders and consent letters saved centrally
Instant and simple access to data for office staff and trip organisers
Set up payment schedules
Integrated bank reconciliation procedure
Customer Testimonials
"We love the option to request consent online as it removes a lot of paper from the front office"
"We can instantly track missed instalment deadlines for our students and send reminders out quickly"
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