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Trips and Events
Making light work of a busy events schedule
The trips and events module will help your admin team keep track of every payment as it comes in, giving you a superb audit trail.
Every payment is posted against a pupil and against a trip or event.  The system is fully integrated so you only need to enter the data once.
Powerful reporting means that you can instantly answer any question that comes to you - whether it's from a parent, a trip organiser, a pupil or an auditor.


  • Instant status on who has paid what for any trip and who still owes money.
  • Allows set up of payment schedules.
  • Reporting against payment schedules as well as total trip value.
  • Automatic generation of student payment cards.
  • Pre-formatted reminder letters that can be run-off and sent in seconds.
  • Option to record permission slips, European Health Insurance Card, passports etc.
  • Import of key medical information from MIS.
  • Instant reconciliation of income and expenditure.
  • Pupil Premium reporting.
  • Supports Petty Cash.
  • Gift Aid reporting [read more]

Please click here to read about banking and reports in Schools Cash Office.


  • Time saving from automated procedures (e.g reminder letters).
  • Better accuracy as data is only recorded once and never needs to be transcribed.
  • Better control since you have instant access to all relevant data.
  • Improved audit trail; everything is recorded.

View a demo light blue

View a demo light blue

Please contact us on 02380 016563 or email if you would like to arrange a FREE demonstration of the Trips and Events module.
"This system has saved the Admin team so much time and it is an extremely easy to use system with tracking of payments and income at every stage."
High School in Shropshire