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Streamlined management of your trips, events and clubs.

Every aspect of the planning is fully integrated, in one, easy to use module.

Reduce your administration time. The functionality is designed help your admin team.

  • Avoid overbooking, limit the place availability.
  • Comprehensive set of functions to support banking.
  • You can configure and record Gift Aid.
  • Easily track bookings, consent, and payments.
  • Apply discounts and free places.
  • Track pupil premium funding allocations.
  • Send reminders for missed payments.
  • Generate reports and communications.
  • Access to the trip data for your office staff and trip organisers.
  • Record and report on expenditure, so you can work out how much a trip has cost you as a school, alongside payments received by parents.

Fully integrated

You only need to enter the data once. Powerful reporting means that you can instantly answer any question - whether it's from a parent, a trip organiser, pupil or auditor.

Simple for parents to use

New feature: customisable forms

Our schools were telling us that their biggest bugbear regarding the administration of any school trip is managing paper forms.

In answer to this issue, we are delighted to unveil our latest innovation to generate forms within the Trips & Events module. Whether that is just asking for consent, or additional questions such as lunch choices, you create the form to suit your trip.

Streamline your admin - no more paper forms getting lost.

Easy reporting - monitor responses by running reports.

Simple to create - you can now create your own forms for any trip or event within the module.

Easy to duplicate - use the same or a similar form often? No problem, you can duplicate a form in a few clicks, saving you valuable time.


We can instantly track missed instalment deadlines for our students and send reminders out quickly.