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More choice for you
At last there's a system that gives you more choice in how to pay for school expenses - trips, dinner money, uniform, revision guides, charity collections and the rest. With our system your school could allow you to pay online by debit or credit card.
If you think this would be helpful at your school please talk to your headteacher or bursar and ask them to give us a call.  We can then arrange to show them the system before they make a decision.
If your child's school already subscribes to Tucasi Online Payments you can use the link below to log in.


  • System is installed by school.
  • Registration process for parents is easy.
  • Extends payment options for parents including payment with debit or credit card.
  • Allows parents to see what they have already paid for online and in school.
  • Parents have one account for all their children.


  • Makes it easier for parents to pay.
  • Payment can be done from a mobile device.
  • Children don’t need to carry so much cash; less risk of loss or theft.
  • Helps reduce workload in school.

"This system has saved the Admin team so much time and it is an extremely easy to use system with tracking of payments and income at every stage."
High School in Shropshire