Working with Multi Academy Trusts

Our Schools Cash Office system creates a framework that can deliver consistent income processes in schools across a trust which helps the central administration team to streamline their working practices. The system is fast to implement and easy for schools to learn; it comes in a modular suite of products allowing you to decide on the scale of implementation.

It creates a permanent record every time money is received in school or online using our SCOPAY app.  The system generates a complete audit trail from the time money is received in school to the point where it's paid into the bank.

We can generate one invoice for the trust but each school can have the modules that suit them.

We are happy to come and present at academy group meetings and allow schools to make up their own mind about the system.



 Centralised Access and Reporting

There are several requirements we can offer central finance teams.

Staff can have centralised access to each individual site, so both the internal school staff and central teams can monitor and work if needed.

In addition to this, there is a MAT reporting function which enables the central finance office to run reports across the trust.  A finance summary report can be produced and exported to drop into the finance system, which includes nominal codes.  A file can be produced to upload nominal codes into Schools Cash Office.

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