Streamline the lettings process
Our lettings module - Community Lettings - has been designed specifically for schools. It'll help you manage lettings income for any type of facility or resource including sports pitches, gyms, classrooms, studios, vehicles, projectors and IT equipment.
The system is easy to use and will streamline your lettings administration and save you hours of work every month. It covers the whole lettings procedure from taking a booking; checking insurance details; sending confirmation letters; invoicing; and chasing overdue payments.
You won't be surprised to learn that the system features comprehensive reporting tools that help keep you in full control.


  • System diary allows you to see quickly what facilities are free at any time.
  • Regular booking feature adds diary entries for the whole year in one go.
  • Price by the hour, session, first and subsequent periods, weekdays, weekends and holidays.
  • Networkable system so that more than one person can view the information.
  • Insurance tracking warns you if hirer needs to re-submit evidence of cover.
  • Automatically generate invoices from bookings.


  • Faster and easier management of bookings diary.
  • Time saving from automated invoicing.
  • More control since you have instant access to all relevant data.
  • Better communication with facilities teams.

View a demo light blue

View a demo light blue

Please contact us on 02380 016563 or email if you would like to arrange a FREE demonstration of the Lettings module.
"This system has saved the Admin team so much time and it is an extremely easy to use system with tracking of payments and income at every stage."
High School in Shropshire