Switching to Tucasi 1-2-3

Switching to Tucasi for your school's online payments and admin system is easy.

We will provide everything you need to get your school up and running quickly. Our switching pack contains all the support materials you may need. We provide training by people, not videos. Every school operates differently, and our expert training team ensures each session is specifically tailored to the individual school’s needs.

All the support materials you may need...

Marketing materials

We can provide you with artwork for posters, flyers etc. for you to print. These will help you to spread the word with your parents.

Media materials

We have many templates available for you, including text for a blog post on your website, plus social media posts.

Parent materials

You are welcome to use our letter and email templates to inform your parents about the switch to Tucasi for your online payments system.

What our customers say...

Further to our switch, everything is running very smoothly. I am very pleased with the changeover. It has made my life so much easier and is saving us money!

We have two bank accounts, but the bank reconciliation is simple and takes a quarter of the time that it did previously, I love it!

What happens next?

Like switching your utilities, we make sure there is minimal disruption to your school switching to a new online payments system.

Want to see the SCO system in action? Please book a demo 

See how user-friendly our software is to manage your payments and admin efficiently.

One of our product experts will show you the system and our parent facing app in a live demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

There’s no obligation and you can ask us anything.

For parents: see link

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