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Holme Community School, Cumbria

See how we helped Holme Community School to move their payments online and streamline their admin

Case study: Holme Community School

How we helped Holme Community School to move their payments online and also streamline their admin, eradicating keeping paper records entirely.

The problem

Holme Community School’s admin team were using manual spreadsheets. They also did not have the facility to take online payments. This meant time wasted making several trips to the bank. Not to mention manually printing all receipts. This all took a long time.

How we helped

They were keen to implement a system to support the admin team as much as possible and free up their valuable time for other tasks.

The result

Using this suite of modules has saved hours of admin time. They no longer need to keep manual spreadsheets, the system does it all for them. The report templates provide all the information they need quickly and simply.

Being able to take payments online has really helped, especially now parents have the facility to save their card details for next time, this has really helped to keep parent debt down.

The school has two bank accounts, but the bank reconciliation is now  simple and takes a quarter of the time that it did previously!

The Extended Day module is very flexible and helps them to run their breakfast and after school clubs, plus a music group. It also works well for the processing of snack contributions. Not to mention the management of letting out their hall in this module.

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