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Dinner Money
Taking the strain out of dinner money administration
If your school is collecting dinner money then this system is for you. It keeps track of how many dinners a child has had and how much they've paid. It calculates account balances as it goes and can produce a statement of meals taken and payments for any child which can be used to help resolve parental queries.
The system can identify parents that have fallen behind with payments and will automatically create personalised reminder letters for them. It will also produce the reconciliation of meals and payments for the weekly catering return.


Our Classroom Edition can be displayed on interactive whiteboards in the classroom, which then allows children to register themselves for dinners.


  • Keeps a record of who has had a school lunch on any given day.
  • Records receipt of payment from parents.
  • Calculates account balance for each child.
  • Generates reminder letters for parents who have fallen behind with payments.
  • Can create weekly catering return automatically.
  • Classroom Edition allows children to register themselves for lunch.
  • Parents can order and pay for their child’s meals online.

Please click here to read about banking and reports in Schools Cash Office.


  • Time saving from automated procedures (e.g. reminder letters).
  • Better control since you have instant access to all relevant data.
  • Improved audit trail; everything is recorded.
  • Parents can view their child’s meal history, order and pay for meals online
  • Free School Meals are calculated with separate reporting for Universal Free Schools Meals.

View a demo light blue

View a demo light blue

Please contact us on 02380 016563 or email if you would like to arrange a FREE demonstration of the Dinner Money module.
"This system has saved the Admin team so much time and it is an extremely easy to use system with tracking of payments and income at every stage."
High School in Shropshire