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School dinners online payment system allows schools to take payments and top-ups.

Timesaving – reduce time spent checking payment reports, chasing parents and allocating free school meals.

Reporting - record, report and automate dinner-related financial tasks.

Online meal ordering – give schools, parents and caterers flexibility and convenience. Parents can be required to pay first and menus and meal images can be added.

Fully automated - take the strain out of dinner money administration.

  • Parents can select, book and pay for dinners in advance via our SCOPAY app
  • Set option to only allow bookings where the parent is in credit
  • Record, track and receive payments and adjusts account balances instantly
  • Reduce food wastage, know what to prepare in advance!
  • Weekly catering returns generated
  • Upload your menus and add meal images
  • Track free meals and universal free meals
  • Send reminders for missed payments
  • Export reports to Excel or PDF

Added security

Many schools are turning to online dinner money systems to guarantee the safety and security of their finances.

Key benefits a dinner money system provides:

  • Retains control over finances and can oversee incoming and outgoing payments
  • Reduces human error
  • Improved audit trail; everything is recorded
  • Parents easily manage their child's meal history online
  • Should parents fail to keep up with payments; the system will automatically generate personalised reminder letters for them.

Reduce food waste

Up to 78% of food waste in both primary and secondary schools is avoidable. 

Food is prepared but not served - this is the likely outcome of a school without a meal ordering system, as the kitchen must prepare for an unknown number of children with unknown preferences.

Cooking meals to order will reduce this issue. With a good catering system in place, schools can have more control over the waste from school meals.



Classroom Edition

Your pupils can choose their meals in the classroom, via a laptop or whiteboard. Our Classroom Edition encourages healthy meal choices, and produces an electronic register automatically. Perfect for schools with daily registers!



Classroom Edition lets students choose their meal type in advance of lunchtime