Dinner Money

Taking the strain out of dinner
money administration
Save time spent recording, tracking and receiving payment for school dinners. One of the busiest periods of the school day - simplifying the process gives schools back time, effort and resource. 

We know how much time is spent checking payment reports, chasing parents and allocating free school meals. The Dinner  Money software makes it streamlined when managing dinnertime rituals, and schools love the ability to record and report and automate dinner related financial tasks. 

Online Meal Ordering is also available, giving schools, parents and caterers flexibility and convenience - find out more
Making School Life Easier

Records who has had school dinner on any given day

Assigns payments and adjusts account balances

Weekly catering returns generated

Parents can order and pay for their child’s meals online

Track free meals and universal free meals
Send reminder letters for missed payments
Records pupil meal history
Reduce food wastage with online meal ordering, know what food to prepare in advance!

Switch It On | Classroom Edition

Create excitement around lunchtime as pupils choose their meals in the classroom, through laptop or whiteboard. Classroom edition encourages pupils to make healthy meal choices, whilst producing an electronic register automatically.

Perfect for schools with daily registers!
  Customer Testimonials
"It's so simple to record free school meal children and children with outstanding balances"
"Classroom Edition lets students choose their meal type in advance of lunchtime"
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