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Declining birth rates and rising energy prices

This year’s primary school intake is significantly lower than previous years as the birth rate continues to decline

This year’s primary school intake is significantly lower than previous years as the birth rate continues to decline. The 2020 fertility rate was 1.58 children per woman in England and Wales, and it is even lower in Scotland at 1.29.

Worryingly, these figures have been decreasing each year since 2012. This is a concern for schools, and needs careful strategic planning to ensure schools thrive.

Staying childfree

2020 YouGov survey revealed that 37% of adults felt they never wanted to have children. Many cited overpopulation and climate change as reasons. But some factors are closer to home, e.g. job insecurity, the lack of decent maternity or paternity leave and prohibitive childcare costs.

Fuel crisis

We have been speaking to schools, and they tell us they’ve been forced to increase their energy budget, sometimes as much as 200%. With monies being allocated to fuel, rather than directly to children’s education, schools have got to work smarter to maintain their budgets to ensure their standards of education do not suffer as a result.

Economic factors ahead for schools

Long-term, this is a real concern for schools, with intake reducing, meaning less funding, coupled with the ever-increasing energy prices.

Generate more income: hire out your facilities

Taking a sample of 100 of our school sites, they have collectively achieved income exceeding £3 million by hiring their facilities so far this year! Generate more income: hire out your facilities.

A great source of income schools are embracing is hiring out their facilities. When the school closes, or outside term times, why not hire out your facilities? Your assembly hall could be ideal for a local fitness group.

Do you have outside space, e.g. football pitches or netball courts? Local sports groups or even schools without these facilities could benefit, all adding to your bottom line!

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