Streamline Catering with our App

Using our SCOPAY app for parents to order and pay for meals has shown to increase meal up take reducing the work load for school admin staff and caterers.

With catering options for primary, secondary and multi-academy trusts our solutions cover both traditional primary school systems where parents pay in advance, and primary and secondary schools that use established cashless catering systems.

Reporting across all sites under a contract, centrally uploading menus and managing theme days all come as standard within our system.

Catering returns can be generated automatically and can be accessed using our centralised Catering Dashboard.  This makes our systems popular with the staff in schools who are responsible for collecting the money.


 Online Meal Ordering
Online meal ordering can reduce food wastage by knowing what to prepare in advance. Parents can pay online in no time at all via our convenient mobile app or web browser.

Furthermore, caterers can centrally upload their menus, add meal images, and update important information such as ingredients, all of which drastically improves catering efficiencies.

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Online Payment Provider
Approved by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Cashless Providers
The Tucasi online payment module links with all major cashless catering systems.