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89% of parents would choose to make school payments online.

But, despite this, some schools still only accept cash or cheque payments.

In short, an online payment system can help your school manage and collect money from parents for things like school meals, wraparound care, trips, activities and uniforms.

1. Set up your school for cashless payments

Adopting safer, healthier processes in schools has never been more important. An online payment system will eliminate cash on-site altogether and reduce unnecessary trips to the bank, saving the stress of money being lost or stolen. On top of this, an online payment system will keep a record of payments, so you know what has been paid for, by who and when.

2. Encourage faster payments

Every school encounters the odd late payment from a parent, but unfortunately for administrators, it can be a hugely time-consuming task having to keep track of late payments and issue reminders. Delayed payments can even prevent the school from getting the necessary funds to run its educational programmes.

With online payments, parents can pay for any school purchases, on the go, wherever they are, usually via a website link or convenient mobile app.

3. Help modern parents

Parents use their limited downtime to catch up on emails and complete overdue admin tasks - including school payments.

4. Offer a secure method of payment

Security is a crucial aspect for anyone making a transaction online. Our module is FCA approved and PCI compliant.

Collect online payments for any of our modules - parents pay online or via our SCOPAY app.

Aside from it significantly reducing administrative workload and making it easier for parents to pay, our online payment system:

  • Links with major cashless catering systems
  • Updates in real time
  • Makes reconciliation quick and easy
  • You can configure and record petty cash
  • Both parents can have their own accounts
  • Vesta Merchant Services Payment Gateway
  • Pre-formatted reports available to help you monitor and analyse your data. Export to Excel or PDF
  • Net settlement - no need for any direct debits
    ✓ Process parent refunds easily
    ✓ No merchant set up or monthly fees
    ✓ A dedicated support line ….top level
    ✓ Approved by the FCA

SCOPAY, our parent facing app

Help parents make payments and top up any outstanding balances easy. Our system integrates with other modules to allow parents to book after school clubs, appointments, school meals and trips.

Through SCOPAY, parents can manage all their payments online.

  • Secure cashless payments - allows parents, guardians, or carers to make payments easily by various methods, e.g. Apple Pay and Google Pay via our mobile app, SCOPAY. They can use this for all school purchases, including; school meals, trips, uniforms, and clubs. Set reminders for balances, new items, trips and parents’ evening dates.
  • Recurring payments - for ease, parents can set up recurring payments on preferred dates.
  • Bookings - order meals, after school club sessions and parents evening sessions.
  • Linked Accounts - manage multiple SCOPAY accounts from one login, including separate schools.

We save so much time by not having to count cash and make frequent trips to the bank