Wanted - Pilot Sites for SCO-integrated lettings functionality

We are busy working on integrating BookingPro Lettings software into our main Schools Cash Office product.

The development work is in two phases:  

Phase 1 will provide integration of the existing BookingPro software into Schools Cash Office, allowing it to benefit from other SCO features such as banking functionality, expenditure recording and a number of additional reports (eg SCO's Cost Centre Ledger report and Sales reports). The integrated module will also benefit from a cloud-based database allowing users to access the software from separate locations that are not necessarily connected to the same network.  This first phase will allow hirers to see their invoices/balances and receipt history via their personal online account and with the addition of the SCO online payment module, card payments update the lettings module balances automatically and in real-time.


Phase 2 development will extend the online functionality to provide a searchable availability calendar for your facilities and the option for hirers to make online booking requests. There will also be further integration into the SCO Communications module.


Phase 1 development is nearing completion and we will soon be in a position to open the software to a number of early adopters, after which time we will begin development work on Phase 2 features.


If you are currently using BookingPro and would like to be involved with the development, either as an early adopter or through a willingness to discuss your lettings process with us and guide the next phase of development, then we'd love to hear from you.  

To find out more, contact Sara Marsh via sm@tucasi.com.
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