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The power of an online seating planner: helping teachers overcome common seating plan challenges

The academic year 2020-21 was unprecedented. After an extended period of uncertainty and upheaval, UK educational establishments are beginning the long trudge back to normality. More than ever, schools need to give pupils an experience of security - and seating plans are an important piece of the jigsaw.


In this article, we take a look at the key challenges faced by schools when it comes to class seating plans, and how to overcome them.


Say goodbye to paper seating plans


In the dynamic and fast-changing environment of a modern school, paper plans simply can't keep up. They’re easily misplaced and pose a challenge for cover supervisors when trying to place students in their correct seats, with no record of class arrangements.


MINTclass' internet-enabled planning environment enables teachers to review seating plans anytime, anywhere. And sharing with colleagues is easy - all you need is a phone or PC, and a connection.


And on the topic of cover supervisors...


When a teacher is assigned a new class, they often don't know where their pupils are supposed to sit. And often, pupils will take advantage of this flaw, in particular with cover supervisors.


MINTclass makes it easy for staff to share seating plans with colleagues.


Streamline your systems in one


It's not uncommon for teachers at a school that uses paper planning, to set up several different ad hoc systems for seat planning. The result - Chaos at handover time!


MINTclass makes everyone's plans accessible within a single, robust system.


Save the hassle of bouncing between different systems


With MINTclass, there’s no need to log in to other systems on your PC. Teachers can use MINTclass to access student data from your school’s MIS system including attendance, behaviour and assessment.


Book a demo


To discover how an online seating plan could work for your school, book a free product demo with our product team by calling 02380 016 563 or emailing We’d love to help.

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