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New feature: customisable forms for your trips and events

Our schools were telling us that their biggest bugbear regarding the administration of any school trip is managing paper forms. Whether it is children ferrying the forms home and back again and them getting lost along the way, or the trip leader having to carry around a bunch of forms whilst on the trip.

In answer to this issue, we are delighted to unveil our latest innovation to generate forms within the Trips & Events module. Whether that is just asking for consent, or additional questions such as lunch choices, you create the form to suit your trip. 

Simple to create

You can now create your own forms for any trip or event within the module. Choose from different question formats:

  • permission tick boxes;
  • single line text; and
  • paragraph text


Streamline your admin

Go paperless- no more paper forms getting lost.

For families not online, schools can manually add or edit form entries.

Reduced the need to chase returned forms, there is an option to make it obligatory to complete forms before their child is added to a trip.

Forms are completed by parents online or via our SCOPAY app. You can configure the system, so the form must be completed before payment is accepted.

Easy reporting

Monitor responses by running reports.

Form responses can be filtered, exported and printed for the trip leader to take with them on the trip.

So what’s next?

We are finetuning this feature, but if you would like the Forms functionality to be enabled, please contact our support team -

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