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Key challenges for schools around trips and events, and how to overcome them

After more than a year of lockdowns, UK schools are returning to business as usual, and out-of-school trips and in-school activities are moving up the agendas of teachers and admin staff.

Engaging with life outside the classroom is known to be a great way to boost children’s wellbeing and mental health.

In this article, we take a look at the biggest challenges faced by schools when planning trips and events, and our recommendations on how to tackle them.


Many schools plan trips on paper or spreadsheets

Experienced organisers understand that preparation is all, and the single most important piece of prep is to switch to online planning.

If you’re still managing your trips using a manual system - a spreadsheet or actual paper - you won’t believe how much time and effort can be saved by switching to an online system like Tucasi’s Trips & Events module.

By reducing the stress and headaches associated with trip planning, Trips & Events will make the experiences you deliver more satisfying for your staff and more enjoyable for your pupils.

Money and permission slips go missing

Every school will have experienced misplacing money envelopes and permission slips from parents at some point.

Teachers love Trips & Events because it automates the grind of organisation. For instance, everyone knows how easy it is for permission slips to go missing between parent and office. Trips & Events moves the entire process of parental consent into a fully-secured system, eliminating much of the drudgery of trip organisation at a stroke.


There isn’t a simple way for parents to make payments

Whilst 89% of parents would choose to make school payments online, many schools still only accept payments via cash or cheque.

Because Trips & Events is fully integrated with Tucasi’s easy-to-use SCOPAY payment system, it enables parents to make payments from their smartphones. (Teachers, some of whom have been known to lose the occasional cheque down the back of the staffroom chairs, will also appreciate this capability.)

Schools are juggling too many forms of payment

Many administrators waste time dealing with multiple payments - cash, cheques, BACS.

The SCOPAY system that makes payment easy for parents, also simplifies the work of administration, providing staff with a neat, fully-integrated mechanism for gathering and tracking payments.

When you factor in Trips & Events’ integrated audit trails and reporting functions, the advantages of the system are immediately apparent. In fact, you may wonder how you ever managed without it!

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