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Parental Alert - Free Functionality for Parents
Have your parents ever asked:

  • Can you let me know when my child's dinner balance gets low? *
  • Can you remind me when there's something new I need to pay for online?
  • Can you remind me to book an appointment for Parents' Evening? **

As part of our continual improvement to SCO we have enabled a new feature for all sites: 

Parental Alerts.  This new functionality is bundled as part of your existing annual support package without any additional charge.

The Parental Alerts licence is automatically added to the parents' account, allowing parents to have control to receive reminder messages for a variety of situations without any cost to the school.

Parents can select which alerts they wish to receive and can select to receive alerts by email as well as to their account.

A dedicated Quick Reference Guide to Parental Alerts aimed at parents can be found via the Documentation link in SCO, or via the link at:


*Subject to schools having a current contract to either SCO Dinner Money module or the SCO Cashless Link to third party cashless catering software.

** Subject to schools using the SCO Parents' Evening module.
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