We have just launched our new flexible eLearning service to help customers who struggle to find the time to train staff in our Schools Cash Office Dinner Money module. 

Instead of a 3 hour training session, you can now gain unlimited access to our interactive eLearning platform for 30 days to help new staff, or those that require a refresher session, complete the necessary training in their own time, either at school or at home.

Click here to find out more: http://www.tucasi.com/e-learning
A Teacher's Guide to a Successful Parents' Evening
Posted 14-10-2019
With the end of summer holidays looming, it won’t be long before normal school routine is back in full swing; and with that comes the somewhat daunting topic of Parents’ Evening.
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Merry Christmas From Tucasi
Posted 17-12-2018
3 Ways To Embed Your School In The Community
Posted 04-10-2018
Schools are an integral part of the communities they sit within. Many home buyers take schooling into consideration when locating future homes and properties. For schools, as education providers to local children, it’s no surprise that when schools speak: your communities will listen.
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