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Dinner Money management - pointers for schools
The sheer disruption experienced at a Manchester-based primary school last week is a prime example of what could happen if dinner money isn't managed by a safe, secure provider.

On the 6th July 2017, a school administrator was jailed for 10 months after stealing a total of £46,011 from children's £11-a-week dinner money, over the course of 4 years.

Following on from the charges, the school has put in place further policies and procedures to reduce the risk of similar events reoccurring. In fact, many schools in the UK are turning to online dinner money systems to guarantee the safety and security of their finances.

Why your school needs a dinner money system in place:

·   Retains control over finances and can oversee incoming and outgoing payments

·   Improved audit trail; everything is recorded

·   Saves time for school administrators

·   Parents can easily manage their child's meal history online

Should parents fail to keep up with payments; the system will automatically generate personalised reminder letters for them.

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