Are Schools Having The Right Conversations With Parents?

A survey conducted by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) has taken a deeper look into the type, frequency and method of communications sent out by schools. Alongside the benefits which modern technology brings "it is sometimes difficult to cut through the noise and give parents valuable, timely messages in their preferred manner.

Although social media seems to have rocketed in parents' personal lives; it still seems less credible and preferred when receiving school information. When asked, the top methods of receiving school messaging were: 

1. Emails and newsletters 

2. Website updates 

3. Telephone communications and SMS

The ability to send mass emails (especially for large schools, MATs or academies) is key - as parents expressed their desire to receive communications in a timely manner.

The Last To Know?

The survey went on to discuss that 47% of parents want the information relayed to them as it is decided. In the digital age where information is updated in real time - the transfer of information is now faster and smoother than ever. Only electronic methods like SMS and email can deliver this speed of transfer as letters can often get lost, mixed up or forgotten. When discussing key information relating to their child's education it's no surprise parents want reliable communications, but what exactly do they want to hear?

School Will Be Closed....

Gone are the days when the parent only needed to know of weather warnings and inset days. The forward-thinking school now uses communications to gain buy in from parents. Parent expectations of school messaging are also changing. The survey showed parents increasingly want to hear about:

1. Child performance updates

2. Curricular changes and syllabus

3. Homework and calendar updates

Technology makes it faster and simpler for teachers to share information without taking up too much processing time. Using e-methods allows teachers and schools to personalise messaging and split pupil lists without taking hours upon end.

Streamlined Communications

The Communications module by Schools Cash Office lets schools send email, SMS or letter messages. Easily integrating with MIS systems to share pupil data, sending messages is easier than ever. To find out more about how Tucasi can support your school’s communications strategy and help facilitate intelligent parent teacher relationships, call us on 02380 016 563
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