A Summer of development brings a number of key new features to SCO:
An Autumn upgrade will shortly be released to our v2:4 customers, bringing a number of new features.

Below is a taster of just some of the changes that have been made:

For Dinner Money module users:

- Meal images can be displayed through Classroom Edition

For Extended Day module users:

- Support for Extended Day attendance to be recorded through Classroom Edition
- User selectable end dates are supported for Debt Mail Merge
- A new Extended Day Debt Analysis Report
- Ability to limit clubs to specific days of the week
- Ability to limit online availability to members of an assigned cohort

For Trips & Events module users:

- Dedicated Trip Consent functionality - including an online declaration and Trip Consent Report

For Communications module users:

- Contact Priority filters now support schools importing a Parental Responsibility status from their MIS.

General additions:

- Support for a dynamic import link to Progresso MIS
- A new Child Care Voucher Payers Report
- Simple Stock Control

A full list of items added in each release is available through the Release Notes link within SCO.
Just click the Admin Tab > System Status Report > Upgrades > View release notes
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