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  • 19/01/23

    Parents’ evening face-to-face or online?

    Many schools discovered the benefits of holding virtual parents’ evenings during COVID. Now life has more-or-less returned to normal, video meetings remain popular, meaning schools can now choose how to conduct parents’ evenings. As expected, many are reverting to face-to-f...
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  • 22/12/22

    Support for school breakfast clubs

    School meals are a hot topic in education at the moment. The last year has seen growing calls for the Government to expand Free School Meal eligibility to all children in households on Universal Credit. The Feed the Future Campaign argues that extending eligibility: “ an urg...
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  • 14/12/22

    School wellbeing needs proactive changes

    Education Support recently released its annual Teacher Wellbeing Index, which gives a troubling picture of staff mental health across all levels and in all divisions of the UK education landscape. The charity surveyed over 3,000 senior leaders, teachers and support staff, from a range of early...
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  • 28/11/22

    We welcome Amy Hewett to our team

    We have welcomed many new members to our brilliant team this year. Some may be familiar faces, working directly with customers, whilst others work behind the scenes, continually improving our system for schools. Introducing our National Account Manager, Amy Hewett Amy will be taking a le...
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  • 24/11/22

    Birth rates began to rise in 2021

    We looked at the topic of declining birth rates back in August. Now it seems that the direction of birth rates in England and Wales has changed for the first time in years, according to new data published by the Office for National Statistics. ONS reports that 2021 saw year-on-year inc...
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  • 24/10/22

    Customisable form for school trips

    Our schools were telling us that their biggest bugbear regarding the administration of any school trip is managing paper forms. Whether it is children ferrying the forms home and back again (with many getting lost along the way). Or the trip leader having to carry around a bunch of forms whils...
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  • 28/09/22

    New school caterer refund portal

    Our NPD team regularly undertake customer research to ensure our products continue to meet their needs. Upon discovering the lengthy and manual task school catering teams endured to process refunds, we developed our new e-catering portal, making processing refunds a quick and easy task...
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  • 31/08/22

    Get the most out of parents' evening

    Parents' evenings can be extremely beneficial for parents, pupils and teachers. However, they can be ineffective and frustrating when certain aspects of the process do not run smoothly..... Here are some tips to help your school run a successful parents' evening. Review the proce...
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  • 30/08/22

    How to overcome challenges around trips and events

    Out-of-school trips and in-school activities are moving up the agendas of teachers and admin staff. Engaging with life outside the classroom is known to be a great way to boost children’s wellbeing and mental health. We look at the biggest challenges faced by schools when plan...
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  • 26/08/22

    Can children make their own healthy food choices?

    There are so many interconnecting factors that influence children’s eating behaviours - it is not all down to the parents.  The most cited reasons by parents for wanting to give their children a packed lunch is to provide a healthier meal and have greater control over what the ch...
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  • 25/08/22

    New uniform rules could reduce the cost of going back to school

    Schools hold uniforms in high regard as it reinforces their school’s identity in the community. Being easily recognisable is equally important when pupils are on trips away from the classroom, for example, trip leaders being able to easily identify their pupils making sure everyone st...
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  • 24/08/22

    Mental health and wellbeing of staff

    Most schools in the UK have experienced heightened stress and anxiety levels amongst their staff at some point. Factors such as rising energy prices, further tightening of budgets, plus increased workload and the administrative burden and security relating to processing cash onsite can all...
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