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  • 31/08/22

    Get the most out of parents' evening

    Parents' evenings can be extremely beneficial for parents, pupils and teachers. However, they can be ineffective and frustrating when certain aspects of the process do not run smoothly..... Here are some tips to help your school run a successful parents' evening. Review the proce...
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  • 30/08/22

    How to overcome challenges around trips and events

    Out-of-school trips and in-school activities are moving up the agendas of teachers and admin staff. Engaging with life outside the classroom is known to be a great way to boost children’s wellbeing and mental health. We look at the biggest challenges faced by schools when plan...
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  • 26/08/22

    Can children make their own healthy food choices?

    Families are spending more time together in the current climate, which can be exhausting for many parents, especially with more indoor entertainment required.  There are so many interconnecting factors that influence children’s eating behaviours - it is not all down to the parent...
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  • 25/08/22

    New uniform rules could reduce the cost of going back to school

    Schools hold uniforms in high regard as it reinforces their school’s identity in the community. Being easily recognisable is equally important when pupils are on trips away from the classroom, for example, trip leaders being able to easily identify their pupils making sure everyone st...
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  • 24/08/22

    Mental health and wellbeing of staff

    Most schools in the UK have experienced heightened stress and anxiety levels amongst their staff at some point. Factors such as rising energy prices, further tightening of budgets, plus increased workload and the administrative burden and security relating to processing cash onsite can all...
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  • 23/08/22

    Why your school needs online payments

    Online payment systems help thousands of schools throughout the UK manage and collect money from parents for school meals, trips, activities and uniforms. Despite the benefits of implementing an online payment system, there are still a number of schools that are reluctant to go cashless...
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  • 22/08/22

    Software to help independent schools manage their pools

    The government, alongside the Independent Schools Council (ISC) has encourage private schools to share their swimming pools. The initiative comes after research has shown many under 11’s cannot swim the required 25 metres. Whilst there is an obvious community benefit, the sharing of...
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  • 19/08/22

    Should we still be giving our children milk?

    The 11th January is National Milk Day and it has got us thinking about Free school milk. Free school milk first started back in 1944 as part of the Education Act to help improve children’s health and has continued to be a hot topic since. All schools are legally required to have mi...
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  • 18/08/22

    Declining birth rates and rising energy prices

    This year’s primary school intake is significantly lower than previous years as birth rate continues to decline. This year’s primary school intake is significantly lower than previous years as birth rate continues to decline. The 2020 fertility rate was 1.58 children per woman in E...
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  • 17/08/22

    Classroom seating plans: 4 ways to better utilise yours

    A seating plan tackles more than just a classroom arrangement, it's a fantastic behaviour-management tool too. Seating plans can impact an entire class and determine how groups perform throughout the term. For instance, a typical ‘girl-boy-girl-boy’ seating plan is popular...
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  • 16/08/22

    Highest level of payment security

    Part of our commitment as responsible data processors is to maintain the highest level of industry standard securities. As schools across the country use our Online Payments software, millions of transactions are processed. Read more about our PCI certifications, giving customers peace of mind...
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  • 15/08/22

    Online Payments is FCA approved

    Being registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an important requirement for any online payment processor. This is to ensure security and protection to their consumers - but what does this mean for your school, and how does it benefit both you and your parents...
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