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Transforming how schools visualise and utilise student information

Increase efficiency - saving teachers time, all key data is in one place.

Fully automated – student profiles, seating plans, timetables, assessment data all sync daily with your MIS.

  • Seat planner – create a layout template easily.
  • Attendance - take registers and lesson by lesson attendance 
  • Behaviour and achievements - a fast way to apply points. 
  • Writeback - record attendance and conduct instantly back to SIMs.
  • Reports - run
  • Detention – effective management of detentions.
  • Teacher planner – online diary linked to your timetable.
  • Collaborate with your teacher colleagues.
  • Homework – create, save, share, and edit.
  • Covering a class? - all relevant information in easily accessible.
  • Safe mode - allows you to show your students the plan without revealing sensitive and confidential information.



  • Seating plans give teachers an up-to-date overview of student needs, including SEN, EAL, PP etc.
  • Display assessment data for each student for each subject, customised for your school’s requirements
  • Customise the icons to suit your needs
  • No more hand-written seating plans
  • Supply teachers or new staff can view existing plans, conduct, homework and detentions
  • All desired academic and pastoral data is displayed with student picture
  • Single sign on available
  • GDPR compliant
95% of MINTclass development is based on your feedback

Important data was being stored in different folders and was difficult to locate. MINTclass brought everything together in a simple interface.