Case Study
Runwell Community Primary School, Essex
Runwell adopt quicker ways of communicating with parents making life easier

Runwell Community Primary School, an all-through primary school with over 350 pupils, was keen to make communication with parents easier and quicker.

Initially, Runwell Primary School was using a manual system to manage parent contacts, and communicating any updates and school closure announcements.

Whilst this was do-able for one or two parents, when they needed to notify the entire school, it was very time-consuming and no longer practical.


We discussed the options available to the school; in particular, the Communications module, which allows schools to send out mass emails and text messages to parents and carers in just a few minutes.

Quick and easy

The Communications module means admin staff don’t have to spend all day trying to get hold of parents, and teachers don't have to rely on voicemail exchanges with parents to get their messages across. The system can be accessed remotely to send urgent or ad-hoc messages and comes with a wide range of templates, making school closures, newsletters or parent updates easy to send. Parents can be kept informed, no matter where they are.

Daily use

Communications was the perfect solution for Runwell Community Primary School. They found that as it is all managed within one system, it was really easy to use and integrated well with the other Tucasi modules. With a busy school calendar, the office staff regularly send out text and email reminders to parents and use the reports on a daily basis, saying “they would be lost without them.”


Tucasi has improved functionality across many different areas of school life. Not only are Runwell Community Primary School now able to quickly text and email parents, but they also make full use of the reporting functions, with the dinner debt report, in particular, being used on a daily basis.

Full of time-saving features

Runwell Community Primary School has found the Communications module very user-friendly and easy to use, but have found the best feature is, as long as you know the child’s name, you don’t have to look up the parents' details and manually enter them, which is particularly useful for parents who don’t share the same surname. Also being able to pinpoint children by name in the dinner debt report, rather than having to look up the parents' information, is another big time-saver.

Runwell Community Primary School are looking forward to using the Tucasi modules going forward and using even more functionality to continue making their lives easier.

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