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Committed to supporting schools

At Tucasi we recognise that schools expect the highest quality customer service and we are committed to providing just that. We have a team of experienced trainers and technical support staff who will work with you to implement your Tucasi system and to get the best out of it, through our range of training courses and via our customer support services.

Academic Year End 2016

You will be able to find this year's Academic Year End guides by clicking the "documentation" button in the bottom left hand corner of the SCO system.

If you have a query or problem you can find answers to many common questions and issues regarding the use of Tucasi software in our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also look at the latest versions of our User Documentation. If you need assistance from one of our support staff, you can either send us an email, complete our problem submission form or phone our customer support line. Our support staff are available between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
"We have been using Tucasi for some years now and the facilities that it offers are time saving and the system makes our life easier.

We use Tucasi for recording money for school trips, recording permission slips and any other income.  We can also record the children that are entitled to FSM and this facility helps me when doing the Sims School Census.

We would be lost without the use of Tucasi and can remember spending many an hour balancing the dinner books before we had Tucasi installed. 

The Tucasi team are always at the end of the telephone with their excellent knowledge and advise."

Red Barn Primary School (Hampshire)