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FAQ1034: How do I update my pupil data in SCO?

I have new pupils starting and would like to update my pupil data.

You can update your pupils by entering the information manually or by importing an updated report from your pupil database system e.g. SIMS.Net, CMIS, Integris.

To update pupil data manually

  • Ensure that no one else is using SCO Dinner Money or Pupil Configuration on any other PCs.
  • In SCO, click the Configuration tab, select Pupils.
  • Click Add new pupil.
  • Enter the pupil details in the right hand pane. If you do not have the UPN number (or other Pupil ID number) we strongly advise that you enter this information as soon as it is available.
  • IMPORTANT: You may end up with duplicated pupils if you do not enter a UPN number (or other Pupil ID number) and a subsequent import from your pupil database system is carried out. A warning message is generated if duplicates are detected. You can view a list of duplicated pupils by opening the file import_rpt_(date and time).txt, which is in the SCO folder on your server drive.
  • Enter the rest of the data as appropriate. For example, if the pupil receives free meals, click the Meals tab and tick Pupil has free meals.
  • Click Done.

To update pupil data from your pupil database system e.g. SIMS.Net, CMIS, Integris

Step 1 – Generate pupil data report

  • Start the pupil database system e.g. SIMS.Net, CMIS, Integris
  • Locate and run the previously saved SCO pupil data report. If the report is not available, regenerate the report following the instructions in the Import Pupil Data section of the SCO Installation Guide
  • Start Excel, if it does not start up automatically, and paste the data.
  • Merge the address fields if necessary.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the data is correct and that the field headings match the fields listed in the SCO Installation Guide.
  • Select File, Save as.
  • In the Save in box, select the required folder. You will need to browse to this folder when you import the pupil data. Enter a suitable filename, for example SCO Pupil data plus today’s date.
  • In the Save as type box, select CSV (Comma delimited) or CSV(MS-DOS).
  • Click on Save. Click Yes to the message that is displayed.
  • Close the file and exit Excel. Click No to the message to save the changes.

Step 2 – Import Pupil Data

IMPORTANT: Before importing pupil data, carefully review the data to ensure that you have the expected pupil data.

The import only needs to be carried out once and can be done from any client PC.

  • Prior to importing pupil data it is recommended that you back up your existing SCO database. If you are using SCO version 1.9 or later, a backup will be created automatically when you import the pupil data. If you are using SCO version 1.8, create a backup as follows:
    • In SCO, click the Admin tab.
    • Click Send diagnostic data to Tucasi, click Yes.
    • Select Save to Disk and make a note of the location.
    • Click Create Package.
  • In SCO, click on the Admin tab and select Import pupils from external system.
  • Browse to the CSV file you saved earlier and select Open.
  • Click Yes when prompted.
  • Click Close.
  • Click on the Accounts tab to view and check the pupil data.


  • Refer to the SCO Help Centre for further information
  • SCO Installation Guide
  • FAQ 1036 How do I import pre-admission pupils?

ID: FAQ1034
Last Update: 25 August 2009
Module: SCO

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