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Finance Manager, London Borough

FAQ1005: We are installing new computers - how do we re-install SCO?

How to re-install Schools Cash Office when an existing SCO server has been replaced, and which files need to be transferred from the old computer to the new computer.

Follow this procedure when your existing SCO server has been replaced. This may be either:

  • an existing server machine used as your SCO server
  • a PC used as an SCO server in a peer-to-peer network
  • a standalone PC running SCO


1. Make a note of your license key (this can be found in SCO, Reports, System Status Report). Exit SCO.

2. On the machine currently nominated as your SCO server, and on which the SCO database is installed, stop the Scheduler by right-clicking on the Scheduler icon in the System Tray. Click on Exit.

3. In the SCO folder, double-click on the SCOInternetSyncConfig.exe. Remove any ticks and click on Save.

4. Make a copy of the following SCO files from the machine currently nominated as your SCO server, and on which the SCO database is installed. The SCO files will normally be in the SCO folder of an existing server (e.g. D:\applications\SCO), or in the C:\SCO folder of an existing standalone PC.

  • The folders ArchivesGraphicsscoupgrade and Backups (including all contents)


  • If you have changed any of the Microsoft Word mail merge document templates you will also need to copy these.

Copy these files to a network drive on another machine, or to removable media such as a memory stick or writeable CD.

5. Ensure you have your SCO licence key for the new installation, which can be found in your original software delivery letter or click on Reports | System status report in SCO on your existing installation.

6. Ensure that you are installing the latest version of SCO. Refer to the website for details.

7. Download the SCO Installation Guide using the link below.

8. Install Schools Cash Office on your new server machine and any new client PCs, carefully following the instructions in the SCO Installation Guide. 

9. The files saved in step 1 above should now be copied into the SCO folder on the new server machine. You will need to overwrite any existing files.

10. To confirm that the correct data has been uploaded, start Schools Cash Office on the server machine and login. Click on the Audit tab, select Income and Expenditure Log. Ensure recent transactions are displayed. Exit Schools Cash Office.

11. If existing client PCs are not being replaced, on each client PC click on StartAll ProgramsSchools Cash OfficeSCO Configuration and ensure the master database location matches the new server.

12. If new user groups have been created on the server, ensure access rights have been applied to the SCO folder on the server and on the local C: drive of all client machines (refer to the SCO Installation Guide).

13. If your school is using the Internet Payment software, you will need to reinstall this on the new server PC. Refer to the SCO Installation Guide: Internet Payments below.

14. If your school is using the Dynamic Link to SIMS, you will need to reinstall this on the client PC. Refer to the SCO Installation Guide: Dynamic Link to SIMS.net below. Ensure you refer to step 2.2 to match your pupil ID.

15. If a client PC with a receipt printer attached has been replaced, reinstall the receipt printer drivers.

16. Once the new installation is working successfully, in the SCO folder on the old server machine double-click on the uninstall.exe to uninstall the software and delete the SCO folder.

17. If you have reinstalled the Internet Payment Module, please notify support@tucasi.com who will check that the data is synchronising correctly.



ID: FAQ1005 
Last Update: 4 October 2011 
Module: SCO; SCO Dinner Money; SCO Classroom Edition; SCO Cashless Cafeteria; SCO Internet Payment Module

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