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An administrative system that works for you
An administrative system that works for you Tucasi's income administration system - Schools Cash Office - is a proven tool that really does help reduce workload in school. It addresses the procedures around collecting money from parents and pupils for trips, dinners, uniform, revision guides, charity collections etc.
The system is easy to master and quick to use. It creates a complete record of exactly who has paid for what and, if required, will produce a receipt in less than 1 second. When you need them there are reports that will give you all the information that you'll need to answer questions from parents, teachers, pupils or auditors.
Optional features allow you to enable parents to pay by credit card or by standing order so it's easier for them and there's less cash and cheques for you to handle. So, complete control; a full audit trail; more payment options for parents; and above all less work for you in school.


  • Import and update of pupils from your existing pupil database.
  • Fast recording of every payment.
  • Complete audit trail of who has paid what and when. Instant receipt generation.
  • Works with multiple users across the school network.
  • Integrated banking system that gives end-to-end control of where the money is.
  • Built in reports to help you manage your processes.
  • Gift Aid reporting.


  • Time saving from automated procedures.
  • Better accuracy as data is only recorded once and never needs to be transcribed.
  • Better control, since you have instant access to all relevant data.
  • Improved audit trail; everything is recorded.
  • Receipt printer means you can meet Local Authority guidelines on receipts.
  • Alternative payment options mean you have less cash in school.
"I cannot emphasise enough what a great system this is, easy to use and helpful, friendly staff for when you don’t know something... Brilliant!"
Primary School, Northamptonshire