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UK Digital Strategy launched to teach school children coding
In today's rapidly developing digital world, it’s vital for people, particularly children, to have a broad digital skillset. With this in mind, the Government has teamed up with the private sector to launch a new Digital Strategy, aimed at helping individuals thrive in our ever more technology-reliant society.

The Digital Skills Partnership will create more than 4 million free digital training opportunities for adults and children across the UK, including free coding workshops for 45,000 school children.

The Government are keen for businesses, charities and voluntary organisations to get involved with the new strategy, to ensure employees hold the appropriate digital skills for their jobs and to make them aware of the training opportunities available to them.

The new Digital Skills Partnership will offer:

  • Google's Summer of Skills programme for UK coastal towns, to boost Leisure & Tourism.

  • Lloyds Banking Group's face-to-face digital skills training to 2.5 million businesses by 2020.

  • Barclays assisting 1 million people with general digital skills, growing its UK Eagle Lab network by 100% and teaching basic coding to 45,000 children.

  • BT helping 500,000 children develop early computational thinking skills by the end of 2017. The Barefoot Computing Project will help primary school teachers with no previous computing skills feel more confident in the classroom.

  • The HP Foundation will release their free online learning platform - HP LIFE - to the UK.

  • Accenture teaming up with FutureLearn to develop a new national digital skills programme to boost learning through online collaboration.

The strategy includes exploring ways to support the British AI sector. A funding boost of £17.3 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has been confirmed to support the development of new robotics and artificial intelligence technologies in universities across the UK.

For full information on how you can access any of the above programmes, click here to read Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley’s, speech launching the UK Digital Strategy.
e learning
We have just launched our new flexible eLearning service to help customers who struggle to find the time to train staff in our Schools Cash Office Dinner Money module. 

Instead of a 3 hour training session, you can now gain unlimited access to our interactive eLearning platform for 30 days to help new staff, or those that require a refresher session, complete the necessary training in their own time, either at school or at home.

Click here to find out more: 

Are you winter ready?
As winter gets into full swing and the weather reports worsen it’s important to ensure that you’re ready to keep in contact with your parents.  With many schools preferring to text rather than email their parents when adverse weather strikes we have seasonal offers on our text-credit bundles - and remember that text credit bundles don’t have a shelf-life so you can buy now and use later. 

Contact your Account Manager on 0844 0800 4016 opt 1 to discuss the best one for you!

tips and tricks
New Q&A and Consultancy Services
Following requests from some of our user schools, we are now pleased to offer bespoke consultancy services which can be booked in chunks of an hour.  You can set your own agenda, whether it be a general “are we using all the features we could” to a personalised Q&A session covering your own “How do I...” “What should I do if...” or “What’s the best way to...”

For more information, to check availability or to book a session, contact our Professional Services team on 0844 800 4016 opt 2

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SCOPAY hints and tips
We take Data Protection very seriously in order to ensure that our data and the records of the users of our systems are secure.  Whilst we are committed to providing our customers with an efficient and pleasant support experience, due to data protection we cannot take calls or emails from individual parents as we are unable to validate their authenticity or right to access a particular child’s account. Instead we ask that schools raise queries with us on behalf of your parents.

Below you’ll find some answers to common parental queries

Request to reset a password:
Parents should use the "I've forgotten my password" button on the main login screen. They will be asked for their registered email address and will receive a link by email. Emails will only be received to email addresses that are registered to 

If they do not receive the email within a few minutes then double check the email address that they are entering to ensure it matches their registered address and ask them to check their spam/junk folder.  You can check the correct address via the steps below:

Configuration > Account Configuration > Online Users > Pupil List - the email address will display under the name of the pupil.  If no address is listed, then the pupil is not yet linked to an online user.

Payment Page Security Tasks - I am not a robot:
Worldpay made changes last year to the security on their payment pages through the introduction on CAPTCHA tasks.  Schools should have received notification from Worldpay relating to these changes, but we are aware that some parents are being caught out especially those who may be using older browser versions.

Below is a message from Worldpay

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers' security, over the next few days we're adding a CAPTCHA to our payment pages.

What is CAPTCHA?

A CAPTCHA helps to prevent high volume automated attempts to process illegitimate payments through your website. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease.

Your customers will be asked to tick a box before they can proceed with their order.

What does this mean for me?

As a customer using our standard payment page with no or minimal customisation, you don’t need to do anything as the CAPTCHA will be automatically added to your payment page.
If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us on 0345 761 6263, we're open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

CAPTCHA supports the two most recent versions of the main web browers on PCs and mobile phones. Parents experiencing problems may need to upgrade their browser software - this link might be helpful: