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GDPR – What this means for SCO v2.4

Is 25th May 2018 a highlighted date in your diary? It is in ours, not just because it’s the last Friday in May and for many the first day of the half term break, but because it’s the date that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in to force.

The GDPR replaces the Data Protection Act 1998, and whilst most people have now heard of GDPR, not everyone is aware of what it will mean in practice. All companies who process data on EU citizens must comply with the new requirements, and there are hefty fines for those in breach so it’s important that it’s taken seriously. 


Here we bring you a quick guide to the main changes and what it will mean for Schools Cash Office v2.4. 


Right to erasure - “Right to be forgotten”:

Individuals can now request that their data is completely removed from your systems, although there are permitted exceptions to this such as where data needs to be retained to satisfy legal requirements. For SCO this means that data required for financial audit can legitimately be retained for 7 years (covering 6 full financial years of records), so data that falls outside this, beyond the boundaries of what is required for audit or other legal or legitimate purposes will be subject to SCO’s data retention processes.

We have also added a new feature to to allow online account holders to trigger the deletion of their own account.


Subject Access Requests:
Individuals have a right to obtain confirmation as to whether their data is being processed along with a right of access to their personal data by making a Subject Access Request (SAR). SARs need to be responded to within 1 month of the request being made.

The Subject Access Request menu option within SCO v2.4 assists users in responding to these requests by collating data from across the separate SCO modules and presenting it back in csv format.

Right to rectification:

Individuals have a right to request that personal data is rectified without undue delay if the data is incomplete or inaccurate. Any data held needs to be amended quickly. 

A right to Data Portability.

Individuals have the right to receive a copy of any data that they have originally provided in a “commonly used and machine-readable format” in order to allow transfer over to a third party if required.

SCO v2.4 allows all data forming part of the Subject Access Request response to be exported to .csv format through Excel.

Other areas

Schools must prove their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation by employing suitable policies and procedures. This may also include updating privacy notices, appointing a Data Protection Officer and documenting a privacy impact assessment.

Our own privacy notices have also been updated in line with GDPR.


If you are a Tucasi customer and would like to discuss any GDPR implications on your Schools Cash Office system, please submit an online query and we will get in touch. 


According to the 2018 Academies Benchmark report, “There are some big issues for the (academies) sector to address in 2018, and the continuing uncertainty over the national funding formula is increasing the risk of unsustainable deficits”.


With funding concerns recently beneath the spotlight, we commissioned a survey to discover the impact of spending cuts in the UK. Over 635 school professionals responded and we are pleased to share the results.


The new Lettings module – it’s nearly here!

Boost your income with the new, improved Lettings module - it’s nearly here!


We’re all very excited for the launch of the new and improved lettings module. The updated module empowers schools to easily book, schedule and let-out buildings and rooms.

With recent budget cuts and tighter balance sheets, this is the perfect time to start generating additional income. In our recent survey of school professionals, over 73% are already letting out school facilities to generate that much-needed additional income.

Four lucky schools have already been pilot testing the improved interface, and the sales are already coming in! We’re overjoyed with the feedback received so far, with customers saying, “the setup and configuration was simple - we were up and running very quickly”.

The new module will integrate easily with your existing Schools Cash Office Online system, and users commented on the “simplicity of processing card payments through the existing online payments module”.

The Lettings module enables your school to enjoy:

  • Arranging provisional bookings - NEW
  • View balances and receipts online - NEW
  • Receive deposit & invoice payments by card if you are using the Online Payments module within SCO - NEW
  • Faster and simpler management of diary bookings
  • Automated invoicing, saving time and resource
  • Audit trails and records, so no more double-booking or forgotten invoices

Book your FREE demonstration today

If you think your school could benefit from the new Lettings module, get in touch with our sales team today 02380 016563 or to submit a contact form to book a free demonstration.

Lettings module sneak peek

We Have Some Exciting News    

Our development team have been working very hard and we have some exciting news to share with you very soon. It’s a new module which will help your school generate more income in a very easy to use, and efficient way. Meaning you increase money coming into the school without having to bring on anymore resource - sounds great.  

4 weeks and counting.  

Until then, we've included a little sneak peek above. 

If you can’t wait and would like to find out more, please contact our sales team on 02380 016563 or to set up a demo.

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The National Curriculum: A Digital Dawn

Education Secretary, Damian Hinds encourages schools to embrace greater digital learning.


If this is the direction the curriculum will now take, surely, schools themselves need to embrace greater digital processes?

Pigeon-holes and post-its simply don’t cut it in the digital age.

Schools continue to face increasing pupil numbers and parents who, like all of us, live in a culture of instant information and instant transactions via any channel.

It’s therefore vital that a school’s processes and services reflect such a demand;

A single secretary cannot communicate as effectively without a digital platform.

Records cannot be updated at the speed expected without a digital platform.

Parents can’t respond or make payments as promptly without a digital platform.

Fortunately, in a society that seems to be making such demands from schools, Tucasi can provide the platform required.

For more information, click here:

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Free functionality for Parents - Parental Alerts

Have your parents ever asked.

  • Can you let me know when my child’s dinner balance gets low? *
  • Can you remind me when there’s something new I need to pay for online?
  • Can you remind me to book an appointment for Parents’ Evening? **

As part of our continual improvement to SCO we have enabled a new feature for all sites: 

Parental Alerts.  This new functionality is bundled as part of your existing annual support package without any additional charge.

The Parental Alerts licence is automatically added to the parents’ account, allowing parents to have control to receive reminder messages for a variety of situations without any cost to the school.

Parents can select which alerts they wish to receive and can select to receive alerts by email as well as to their account.

A dedicated Quick Reference Guide to Parental Alerts aimed at parents can be found via the Documentation link in SCO, or via the link at:


*Subject to schools having a current contract to either SCO Dinner Money module or the SCO Cashless Link to third party cashless catering software.

** Subject to schools using the SCO Parents’ Evening module.