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Free functionality for Parents - Parental Alerts

Have your parents ever asked.

  • Can you let me know when my child’s dinner balance gets low? *
  • Can you remind me when there’s something new I need to pay for online?
  • Can you remind me to book an appointment for Parents’ Evening? **

As part of our continual improvement to SCO we have enabled a new feature for all sites: 

Parental Alerts.  This new functionality is bundled as part of your existing annual support package without any additional charge.

The Parental Alerts licence is automatically added to the parents’ account, allowing parents to have control to receive reminder messages for a variety of situations without any cost to the school.

Parents can select which alerts they wish to receive and can select to receive alerts by email as well as to their account.

A dedicated Quick Reference Guide to Parental Alerts aimed at parents can be found via the Documentation link in SCO, or via the link at:


*Subject to schools having a current contract to either SCO Dinner Money module or the SCO Cashless Link to third party cashless catering software.

** Subject to schools using the SCO Parents’ Evening module. 

Wanted - Pilot Sites for SCO-integrated lettings functionality

We are busy working on integrating BookingPro Lettings software into our main Schools Cash Office product.

The development work is in two phases:  

Phase 1 will provide integration of the existing BookingPro software into Schools Cash Office, allowing it to benefit from other SCO features such as banking functionality, expenditure recording and a number of additional reports (eg SCOs Cost Centre Ledger report and Sales reports). The integrated module will also benefit from a cloud-based database allowing users to access the software from separate locations that are not necessarily connected to the same network.  This first phase will allow hirers to see their invoices/balances and receipt history via their personal online account and with the addition of the SCO online payment module, card payments update the lettings module balances automatically and in real-time.


Phase 2 development will extend the online functionality to provide a searchable availability calendar for your facilities and the option for hirers to make online booking requests. There will also be further integration into the SCO Communications module.


Phase 1 development is nearing completion and we will soon be in a position to open the software to a number of early adopters, after which time we will begin development work on Phase 2 features.


If you are currently using BookingPro and would like to be involved with the development, either as an early adopter or through a willingness to discuss your lettings process with us and guide the next phase of development, then wed love to hear from you.  

To find out more, contact Sara Marsh via

A Summer of development brings a number of key new features to SCO:
An Autumn upgrade will shortly be released to our v2:4 customers, bringing a number of new features.

Below is a taster of just some of the changes that have been made:

For Dinner Money module users:

Meal images can be displayed through Classroom Edition

For Extended Day module users:

Support for Extended Day attendance to be recorded through Classroom Edition
User selectable end dates are supported for Debt Mail Merge
A new Extended Day Debt Analysis Report
Ability to limit clubs to specific days of the week
Ability to limit online availability to members of an assigned cohort

For Trips & Events module users:

Dedicated Trip Consent functionality �" including an online declaration and Trip Consent                  Report

For Communications module users:

Contact Priority filters now support schools importing a Parental Responsibility status from              their MIS.

General additions:

Support for a dynamic import link to Progresso MIS
A new Child Care Voucher Payers Report
Simple Stock Control

A full list of items added in each release is available through the Release Notes link within SCO.
Just click the Admin Tab > System Status Report > Upgrades > View release notes
school trip
Why your school needs Trips and Events software this autumn

October has topped the chart for the most popular time of the year for school trips. With payment slips and attendance forms soon to be flying in, is your school’s admin team prepared?

According to statistics, October received the top vote for many reasons - less traffic on the roads, usually pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Closely following October in popularity is March and November.

With the autumnal month upon us and schools preparing for this busy period, we have been helping implement Trips and Events software to oversee incoming payments and attendance forms. The software is already helping admin teams keep track of every payment as it comes in.

Here are just some of the reasons why your school needs Trips and Events software:

·         Easily manage incoming payments and attendance forms from parents
·         Time-saving from automated procedures
·         Creates a wider range of payment options for parents
·         Helps to reduce workload in schools
·         Improved audit trail; everything is recorded
·         Pre-formatted reminder letters for those awaiting payment

If you would like to arrange a free demonstration of the Trips and Events module, Please contact us on 02380 016563 or email

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Multi Academy Trusts – the growing need for centralised administration software

According to a report issued by the House of Commons Education Committee, a total of 15,767 state-funded schools will convert to academy status and become part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) over the next couple of years. But what impact will a MAT’s continued expansion have on their administrative processes?

MATs have a unique set of requirements when it comes to reporting as collaborating across multiple sites and geographical locations can be difficult. So as a MAT continues to grow, so will their administrative challenges. This makes the need for services and, importantly, software tailored specifically for MATs more important than ever before in order to give flexibility and consistency to reporting. 

How Tucasi can help

We have been working with MATs to help them communicate and work collectively with their academies by including centralised reporting within our software. This removes geographical barriers, streamlines administration, in turn reducing costs and improving collaboration across the trust. 

To find out how we helped a MAT in the south implement a cloud-based solution to support their increasingly busy administrative team, click here
primary school dinners
Dinner Money management – pointers for schools

The sheer disruption experienced at a Manchester-based primary school last week is a prime example of what could happen if dinner money isn’t managed by a safe, secure provider.

On the 6th July 2017, a school administrator was jailed for 10 months after stealing a total of £46,011 from children’s £11-a-week dinner money, over the course of 4 years.

Following on from the charges, the school has put in place further policies and procedures to reduce the risk of similar events reoccurring. In fact, many schools in the UK are turning to online dinner money systems to guarantee the safety and security of their finances.

Why your school needs a dinner money system in place:

·   Retains control over finances and can oversee incoming and outgoing payments

·   Improved audit trail; everything is recorded

·   Saves time for school administrators

·   Parents can easily manage their child’s meal history online

Should parents fail to keep up with payments; the system will automatically generate personalised reminder letters for them.

To find out more about our Dinner Money services, click here. Alternatively, to arrange a free demo or to speak to a member of our team, call 02380 016563 or email